Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Races of Ashen Grey: The Scale Born (Dragonborn)

Of a different land.
The Scaleborn are a direct product of the expansion of Ashen Grey as their lands were swallowed by the city itself. They now life in ghettos and communities commonly known as "Dragon Towns".   Most dragonborn are incredibly reclusive deeming their homes its own land within the city usually with their own laws and customs.  Occasionally a scalenborn is born with a sense of exploration and a desire to interact with the other races, but those are seen as odd balls among their kind.

In their lore elders of the scaleborn tell a tale of how their race once served and ancient and powerful dragon.  They were hoarded just as his treasure and used for slave labor.  A mighty hero names Klah Slatsh of their kind was born that fought the dragon allowing their people to flee, but it is unknown who won that fabled battle.  Most scaleborn are raised to live up to the bravery of this hero, but some in secret are said to try to call their former master to reclaim his hoard.

D&D: As with most of this setting the Scaleborn come right out of the D&D PHB using the stats of the Dragonborn.

Savage Worlds: 
• Outsider: Most races distrust the scaleborn. Their samanistic tradition seem almost
alien to the other inhabitants of Ashen Grey. They suffer a –2 Charisma penalty.
• All Thumbs: Technology doesn't come naturally to scaleborn leaving most dumbfounded.
This isn't true of ALL scaleborn however and this hindrance may be bought off with an Edge.
• Natural Weapons: The tails, claws, and teeth of scaleborn allow them to tail slap,
claw, or bite in combat for Str+d4 damage.
• Dragon Senses: Scale born are increadibly observant granting them +2 on all Notice roll.\
Additionally they can see in even teh darkest of enviroments.
• Warm/Cold Natured: Though not truly coldblooded, scaleborn are not comfortable in
cold environments. They suffer a –4 penalty to resist cold environmental
effects. If a scale born has an icy breath weapon they instead react negatively to hot enviroments.
• Dragons Blood: Once per day a scaleborn can expel a breath weapon similar to the Burst power
using Agility in place of an Arcane Skill.  The Trapping of the power reflects the bloodline the scaleborn
was born from.  Whatever damage this breath attack has the scale born also receives +2 toughness or +2
to resist attacks of the same time.  It is advised to talk with your GM for the specifics of these trappings.

Common Knowledge: All scaleborn can make common knowledge on subjects of herbal remedies and the history of dragons.

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