Thursday, July 30, 2015

New Month New Poll: Story

So looking over the polls so far I have a pretty good idea of what the game is going to look like with a bunch of race options, multiclassing, rolling stats, and high magic, but now it's time for what the actually campaign will revolve around.  The official poll will go up tomorrow morning, but I figured I could write about the options now.

Guards of the City: 
The City of Ashen Grey is 20 Miles squared not counting the surrounding county side and there is a lot going on.  In this setting the players will be official problem solvers of the city under hire of the Adventurer's Guild, or at least some of them.  Not merely city guards or even detectives, they will go an handle the issues that might be too deadly for none heroes.

Exploring New Lands:
This is actually the themes my play tests are currently doing, but there's nothing wrong with a classic.  The city of Ashen Grey is big, but the population is bigger. These heroes also under hire of the Adventurer's Guild are tasked with venturing out of the city to explore and potentially find locations to start building up sister towns and villages.  This is a lot of exploring with the journey being more important than the destination.

Pirates of Way Leaf Isle:
18 Miles south of Ashen Grey is the island of Way Leaf.  Owned and mostly controlled by the Leaf & Table Trading Company this isn't official city land, but holds importance non the less.  Most importantly is the fact that this is the gate to a series of "mostly" unexplored islands and a haven for the shadier elements that find it safer to live outside of the city's watchful eyes.

Delvers of the Dwarven Mines:
Underneath the city of Ashen Grey lies the runes of an ancient dwarven city for a kingdom long lost.  Most don't venture into its halls, but those hired by The Two Hammers Mining Company have business to get done.  They are hired to explore ahead of mining operations to make sure things are safe for the workers.  Best part is they're allowed to keep what they find, that isn't nailed down of course.

Ivory Tower Expeditions
The Ivory Tower is Ashen Grey's mages' college  and has a lot of interest in many things.  Being hired heroes of the tower your job is to hunt down relics and magical items wherever they may be.  Usually this will mean venturing outside of the city into tombs and dungeons that litter the wilds, but sometimes news of something deep inside the dwarven runes also catches the towers eye.  As long as you don't ask to many questions you're allowed to keep whatever you find (minus your "bounty") as well as a fair payment for jobs well done.

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  1. Its sweet that you think that once the party is let loose in Ash and Grey we are going to do as we are told rather than buggering off and doing what we want.....