Monday, July 20, 2015

"I'm here to help"

So, I don't know what happened in the last week, but I can't help but feel grateful as the site's views are averaging over 500 a day now.  I know that's nothing huge in the grand scheme, but it's still more than I'd ever expected.  Now that it seems like there's a fair amount of you guys out there I figured would open my doors to all of you guys and start taking questions.

If there's any advice, tips, or even just my feelings on things feel free to email me at .  As for reviews, I would love to hear about games worth trying, but I'll probably be holding onto those till the new year as the roster for 12 Games in 12 Months is already set.  Also if you have any requests on gaming or GMing topics you'd like to see me cover let me know.

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