Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Races of Ashen Grey

While in the next few weeks I'll have more in depth break downs of each races as well as their stats for a Savage Worlds game (the D&D races don't change mechanically) first I figured a simple break down of who lives in the city should be in order.

Dwarves: A proud and noble race. 
These craftsmen are the heart of Ashen Grey as their smithing and stone work built the foundation on which the city rests. Rumors of ancient Dwarven ruins hidden under the city lead many to believe this at one point the site of Ashen Grey held great importance to these people.

Elves: A race divided. 
While the High elves sit in their Ivory Tower studying arcane lore and tradition between elegant banquets the wood elves till the farms to feed the people.  While both halves of the same coin the wood and high elves rarely see eye to eye.

Halflings: The soul of the city. 
Halflings have found a home where they can thrive in Ashen Grey. Many have found a stable comfortable life as Bakers and Merchants while others are the thieves and grifters of the cities underbelly.  It is rumored that a massive thieve's guild runs most of the city with the halflings pulling the strings.

Humans: The numerous of the city. 
Human are easily the most common race living within the city as their adaptability lends them to any and all walks of life.  IT also doesn't hurt that the king and most of his royal court just happen to be human.

Dragonborn: Of a different land. 
The Dragonborn are a direct product of the expansion of Ashen Grey as their lands were swallowed by the city itself. They now life in ghettos and communities commonly known as "Dragon Towns".  Some say they were once servant to a great and powerful dragon, but it's hard to say what may be fact and what is simply legend.

Gnomes: A race of two worlds. 
The Rock gnomes are the leaders in science and technology while the forest gnomes adapted to being the herbalists and alchemists of the city. While similar to the elves in their divide between tradition and progress the gnomes stay united in the curiosity and kind nature they share.

Half-Elves: The Heirs to the city.
Many believe in this new world of dense and mingling populations Half-Elves are the natural next course in life as they hold on to many of the best traits of their families while others see them as an impure abomination. 

Half-Orcs: The shunned of the city.
 It is said that half orcs are the result of explorers encountering a race now long defeated. It's unknown why, but no matter the generations the traits of a half orc never diminish. Now they are seen as the unclean of the city by the upper crust, however their physical prowess is still noted for their usefulness.  Searching for their identity it's not uncommon for your half orcs to end up in gangs forcing their voices to be heard.

The Forged (Warforged): Built of the city. 
Created by rock gnome inventors the Forged were originally created to be the next and last generation of explorers, however when it was found that these beings had the same hopes and will as any living being their creation was halted by order of the king and all those made allowed to walk their own path in life.  It is said that when given their freedom a large group of Forged left Ashen Grey to form their own  kingdom.

A note about 12 games in 12 months.
As I had said last week, sadly all my notes for this month's review were lost to technical difficulties.  Because of this Call of Cthulhu will be pushed to January as to not further interrupt the gaming schedule for the year.  Next week we will be returning to Thursday reviews with Deadlands Original.

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