Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New Start New Setting (Ashen Grey)

So as I mentioned last week, some technical difficulties threw a massive wrench in my upcoming articles.  With all my notes lost (as well as some key PDFs it turns out) I've decided to take a step back gather myself and more or less start fresh.  Sadly this does mean my Call of Cthulhu review probably won't be out this month and just has to get pushed to January of next year as the new game cycle carries on.  Next month will be Deadlands Original and my group is already excited to give it a shot and thus the show must go on.

Also, as most of my pre-notes for upcoming articles are now in the electric ether I've decided to spend the next few posts fleshing out a setting I've been working on.  As with many other posts on here all of this material will be for both D&D 5e AND Savage Worlds.  When I post adventures or dungeons I will break them all down for both systems and when all is said and done will have a setting PDF for each in case any of you want to have your own adventures there.

The worlds I'm speaking of is called Ashen Grey. It's a pleasant little steam punk world filled with man and dwarven built cities powered by gnomish science while the high elves study magic in their ivory tower.  There are half dragons from far off tribal lands and a "plague" of mutated births known as the half orcs.  Political intrigue and underworld crime run rampant with both being just as deadly as the other. All this within a city twenty miles squared known as Ashen Grey.

Just outside the city wood elves and farmers toil hard growing crops to feed the massive population of a kingdom needing to expand.  Below lie ancient dwarven ruins telling the story of the city that came before.  Past the farms and countryside is a world not explored in centuries and forces building for conquest, revenge, and simple power.

This is the city of Ashen Grey in a nutshell.  On Thursday we'll go deeper into the races living in and around the city.

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