Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New Month New Poll

So with last month's poll it's been decided that multiclassing will be allowing in our 5th Edition game.  Next up is deciding how we will roll (or not) our Attributes.

Roll in Order
This is the style that leaves the most to chance as you roll for each stat independently and have to live with what you get.  Want to play a fighter? Better roll a good Str or Dex.  Personally I think this is the most interesting, but definitely for acquired tastes only.

Drop the Lowest
This is the style that I first encountered when learning D&D 3.5, but from what I've seen is probably the most commonly used.  You get to roll four dice for each Attribute and keep the highest three.  Then you get to choose what numbers go where.  This will let everyone play what they want but still have the level of chance for how over all capable they will be.

Standard Array
The 5th Edition Handbook actually has three sample arrays and all of them would be available with this option.  This will keep everyone at the same level of power while getting to make some choices as to how well rounded versus how specialized they will be.

Point Buy
This is the one that I'm personally most interested in as it balances everyone having the same potential, but what they do with it is entirely up to them.  Higher numbers cost considerably more so it's a bit of a balancing game, but a players that knows how to maximize the potential of their race and class can really get some advantage out of this system.

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